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The other week, I made a post about how I made Sex In A Pan based on a pin I found on Pinterest with the recipe. Since then, my love for Pinterest has only gotten worse, but I swear it’s a good thing! It’s getting me motivated to decorate my bedroom, to exercise, and to fantasize about hot celebrities.

Okay, I probably don’t need Pinterest to help motivate me to do that last one.

Recently, I stumbled up on a neat pin about a Sharpie and lamp project. And of course, that little voice inside my head that goes “I can do that!” went off. Because, I can totally do that. What’s hard about it? It’s a lamp shade + a Sharpie + a fun quote. Easy!

Not easy. Well, making it was easy, but figuring out a good quote? That took about a week. I wanted it to be a fun Harry Potter quote, but google searching “Harry Potter quotes” or “Harry Potter passages” gives you jack shit in terms of options. Now way in hell was I going to go pick up one of the books to search for one manually because then I’d just end up sitting and reading Harry Potter all afternoon. Which would be fun, but it wouldn’t help in getting my lamp shade done.

I ended up deciding to go with the opening of Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. It’s a gorgeous book, well written, a classic bit of suspense from the late 1930s, and I love it. I’m also currently rereading it, since I haven’t read it since college. (Basic plot summary for those of you who’ve never even heard of this book: girl meets this rich English dude, marries him after two weeks, moves into his fabulous mansion, and then is tormented by the housekeeper and the fact that she’ll never ever live up to the perfection of Rebecca, the first and mysteriously deceased wife of the new hubby. Ooo, ahh, suspense.)

My handwriting is gorgeous (let’s be honest), but smaller than I expected, so I actually made it through the first two pages of the book. But that’s okay because the whole “less is more” thing is a bunch of crap. More is more!

Here’s what it looks like. :)


Voila! The perfect lampshade for book nerds. 

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